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Panel Fabrication

I was first exposed to what’s known as Panel Fabrication (old school panel bumping) in 1975, at the Wyoming Technical Institute. Even then, my instructors were already in their 60’s and 70’s. It was not old school to them, of course, but simply the way things are done. This proved an invaluable opportunity to master all metal forming skills. Stretching and shrinking of sheet metal, hand forming or bumping, pick and file, English wheel and lead filler all became a part of my growing repertoire. Back then, all welding was done with an ox/acetylene torch. For the last thirty years I have been using MIG (wire feed) for almost everything, and TIG for finer welds.

What does this mean to you, my customer?

If you want the top chopped on your Merk, a fender fabricated for a 1928 Auburn, or even rust-patch work, I can take care of that at a price you can live with.

Don’t let all of those rust problems stop you from moving forward.
Rust and missing panels don’t scare me, so don’t let them stop you!

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