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Paint(Traditional and Custom)

I painted my first car thirty-six years ago. At that point, the only paints available were Acrylic, Enamel and Lacquer. The paint industry has been advancing ever since, and I along with it, learning and refining my skills with modern paints, equipment and tools. The new products are so superior to those available when I began, there is no comparison. Unfortunately, along with the quality of new materials, prices have also risen astronomically. In 1975, the paint for your car cost roughly $250. Today, with modern paints, you can expect to spend anywhere between $1,200 to $2,000 before the work begins. That is why it’s so important for me to know what your expectations are before you start spending money. For instance, are you going to take your car to shows to be judged? Or are you going to drive it every day and want it to look new? Using the vehicle off road and durability are also important factors.

Whatever your needs and expectations, I can develop a plan that will work best for you and your budget.

Some Examples to look at:

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